What our clients are thinking about SpacEyes 3D


Julien Ravenel, GIS manager of Planning Agency of Caen-Metropole
3D was introduced in our planning agency in early 2012. 3D brings a new dimension in the landscape diagnosis and analysis, the vision of the insertion of projects and also in the impact of land use planning scenarios. Dedicated at the moment for the studies of the strategic sectors of the Greater Caen area, 3D offers an easier understanding of the territory and is used as support by the managers of the land - use planning department. SpacEyes 3D, by its ease of use, its capabilities, its interfaces with GIS and its reasonable cost, has allowed us to perform quality 3D models in short time.


Pascal BOGAERT, Nature Reserve of Chartreuse
The Nature Reserve of Chartreuse has developed, with SPACEYES support, a tactile & interactive 3D terminal to improve general public information about the territory, to facilitate its knowledge and understanding, and to reinforce the territory promotion using such interactive tools which offer an innovative and attractive image of the nature reserve. Everyone is delighted by the use of this interactive terminal due to its play function, which also offers an easy and dynamic updating of the information thanks to centralization of published data.


Maurice Legrand , City of Caen
SpacEyes3D is a fine compromise between usability, performance and value for money. SpacEyes3D enables communication and promotion projects. The 3D model becomes the focal point with numerous services and partners wishing to use it. Integration of our own GIS data is quick and easy. The third dimension helps everybody to have a clearer understanding of the territory.


Jaime A. Llosa, distributor de of SPACEYES in Peru
Peru has endured a long economic and political crisis. For more than fifteen years, there were only few projects. For few years, economics is reflated, so here is a multiplication of the projects. As these projects need cartography,he map production begins to be part and parcel of the government planner and of the specialised institutions. However, the visualisation of a project on a ap is an unusual exercise for most of the decision-makers and of the public in general. On the contrary, with SpacEyes3D, au contraire, the representationf a territory with the elements of a project is immediately comprehensible. The SpacEyes3D 3D model makes easier the tasks of the technicians that have to attract the attention of their hierarchy. Because of this, SpacEyes3D is a software which is easy to sell, so it is very interesting from a commercial point. Moreover, we are very proud to sell these products because SpacEyes3D accelerates the decision making for projects of development in a country that really needs it.


Massy Hara, reseller of SpacEyes3D in Japan
In satellite remote sensing application, there are two important key technologies which must be needed. One is the technology to extract necessary information from satellite data, and the other one is visualization technology for the use of the information. SpacEyes3D is an excellent tool of visualization for the interpretation and use of the information. Moreover, it is possible to link with other software such as GIS, CAD, Database, etc., and can be merged with those data and satellite data. We believe the satellite remote sensing market has a big potential to use this software.


MEUNIER Thibaud, GIS Manager of the Municipality of Lorient
The Municipality of Lorient launched a call of tender for the display of a 3D model. Cap l’Orient wanted to acquire a decision support and communication tool for the impact study of land settlement projects, for dialogue with public and elected officials, and the enhancement of the advantages of the territory. The Municipality chose SPACEYES above all for its ease of use. SpacEyes3D allows us to be autonomous for the update of the data and for the performance of 3D models. We have particularly appreciated SPACEYES professionalism and the dynamic attitudes of SPACEYES’ team in the project assistance.


K.N. Au, reseller of SPACEYES in Hong Kong
SpacEyes 3D software is user-friendly and easy to use. We produced the fly-through of the Pearl River Delta region of China with the SpacEyes 3D software using Landsat-7 data and DEM. It is designed to demonstrate the capabilities and functions of SpacEyes3D software to potential users/customers.


Nicolas GAVOILLE, Cartographer for CORIOLIS
Thanks to SpacEyes3D, we are able to exactly represent a 3D model of our territory by combining an altimetric database with an aerial photo. It is also possible to insert a project and view with precision its visual and intervisibility impact.


Dmitry Lutskov, General Director of Geoinformica
At the beginning, we treated SpacEyes3D only as an additional tool for GIS. After a study, we understood that its potential and applications were wider. We chose SpacEyes3D for different reasons: 1. SpacEyes3D completes perfectly our systems with a true, simple and realistic 3D view, we can provide our customers with a complete complex GIS solution. 2. We like the idea of SpacEyes3D as an integrated 3D model with fly-through and high definition details. 3. The ease of use of SpacEyes3D allows us to have a big list of prospects and we are evaluating perspectives of SpacEyes in our market as very high. 4. The features of SpacEyes really meet customers’ needs. 5. We have a real pleasure to work with SpacEyes team, both managers and technical staff.


Philippe Briard, Technical Director
Veolia Water wants to communicate with its customers. Thus, Veolia South East is developing for the local authorities an extranet that offers statistic and exploitation data. SpacEyes3D allows us to circulate through this extranet some 3D reports of our activity. Thus, a local authority can consult its drinking water network and look at the interventions performed by Veolia Water. The 3D maps are dynamically generated functions of the customer who requests them. We have chosen SpacEyes3D for its capacity to circulate 3D map via the web. Its simple interface allows to display a rich content as layers with flowing. The dynamism of the displayed data is also an advantage. The modifications in our GIS are directly reflected in the 3D map. Finally, thanks to the variety of supported formats by SpacEyes3D, its use is very simple.