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SpacEyes3D Viewer/Plugin Download

  • logo-spaceyes3d-viewerDownload free of charge SpacEyes3D Viewer / Plugin
  • View 3D models produced with SpacEyes3D Builder
  • Quickly display your own data in 3D

SpacEyes3D Viewer is a free application to visualize 3D models created with SpacEyes3D Builder.

SpacEyes3D Viewer also provides analysis and visualization functions of DTM:

  • Creation of a 3D base from a DTM and dynamic overlay of georeferenced images
  • New : computing functions for DTM products (shaded relief, slope map, orientations map, colored relief and elevation contour lines).

All standard formats of images and raster DTM are accepted (Tiff, ECW, Bil ..) and the software is optimized to read large data volumes, without preliminary processing.

Multilingual interface (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese).

SpacEyes3D Viewer also includes  SpacEyes3D Plugin to integrate SpacEyes3D technology in web applications.

Download SpacEyes3D Viewer/Plugin 6.1.3 Win32 (49.6 Mb)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 - 64 bits

Download SpacEyes3D Viewer/Plugin 6.1.3 Win64 (57.7 Mb)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 - 64 bits

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SpacEyes3D Builder Download

  • logo-spaceyes3d-builderDownload a trial license of SpaceEyes3D Builder
  • Create a 3D model of your project area
  • Display your own data in 3D


SpacEyes3D Builder is a software dedicated to create a 3D model of a landscape from GIS data (raster/vector) and 3D data (3D objects, architectural 3D models, etc.).

SpacEyes3D Builder :

  • is easy to use(intuitive) and to implement (no prior conversion of data formatting conversion is requiered)

  • provides an interface to other software (import of many data formats natively accepted. including:mif/mid,tab, shape, etc.) and access to data servers (Oracle,Postgres, PostGIS, etc.)

  • dynamically manages large amounts of date to render 3D imagery 
  • enables the integration of SpacEyes3D technology in a local third-party application (Active X component) or Web (web plugin).

All standard images and raster DTM formats are accepted (Tiff, ECW, Bil, etc.) and the software is optimised to read big datasets without preprocessing.

Multi-language user interface (English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese).


Download SpacEyes3D Builder 6.1.3 Win32 (163 Mb)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 - 32 bits

Download SpacEyes3D Builder 6.1.3 Win64 (170 Mb)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 - 64 bits

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